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I use it all the time

I have used this app for a few years and really like it. For quick video editing it’s my goto tool. Simple and quick.

Poor Program too complicated

This program did not work for me. I paid $10 and ended up using IMovie, whcih is so much more simple and free. There is not a lot of support for people who are not technology friendly….its too complicated! iMovie is way more easy and explaining things are simple. iMovie is Great!! I feel like I wasted $10 on this program.

Never Worked

I purchased this buy clicking the “upgrade” button in the light version. The project I was working on is not compatible with the the pro version. Now my prject file is corrupt and I have to start from scratch. This app has never worked for me and I was unable to get a refund...

Not user friendly

Used it for to make a video that included short videos, pictures and music. I was very hard to use, difficult to find the tools needed to fix the problems. Simple things like putting in a transition and resetting the length of time a picture played took forever. Then i had a few crashes that made pictures invaild so I had to reload the pictures and try to put in the right place and then redo all the transitions again. Super long process. I finally gave up a few days after purchasing the product. I do not recommend this application. It is not worth the $19. On the plus side, if one figured out how things worked and it did not crash, I think it might be a good application but until the bugs are fixed and it becomes user friendly, avoid this product. Also, I did send a message to the customer service on this product and they responded immediately-so two thumbs up for customer service.

I don’t like it!

I can’t believe I wassted my money on this program. I will explain latter.

infuriating would be an understatment

videos are horribly laggy during editing and the software crashes every ten minutes over a literal mouse click. After spending forever editing a video, the audio is completley gone and when i go back to edit it, its completley ruined. waste of $20 and hours of my time.

Awful, but I paid so I’m gonna have to use it.

I first got the Lite version of the app because it looked promising, but after I was done making my ten minute movie, I downloaded it and it screwed uo the audio. It also only gave me five minuted of my movie. I get it; it’s the lite version. BUT THE APP NEVER GAVE ME A WARNING ABOUT IT. So, to not have wasted my time making the movie, I bought their $25 dollar pro version, and even that just led me to wasting my money. The app itself is extremely laggy. I made a twenty minute video recently, and it looked really good, but while I was working on it, it closed itself out. I expected a little tab to pop up saying it “unexpectedly closed and will be reopened,” because it’s closed out many times before. Never popped up, so I lost my days worth of work over this app. Also, I don’t know if it is just me, but everytime I try to save the draft, it saves the order and edits I made on the videos but never the actual videos or audio itself. What’s up with that??? Well, I’m probably gonna have to start over now because I spent twenty-five dollars on this and it would be a waste if I didn’t use it. >:( But yeah, I would never recommend.

What happened

I used Movie Mater Pro for about a year now and loved it until now the sound is all distorted. I used the same camera and settings. uninstalled and re installed. WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR PROGRAM??

Good basic editor

I have used this app about six times over the past two months and it has performed as advertised. No problems at all, and the output for iPhone is fine.

Video quality on export is terrible.

Video quality on export is terrible.

Pleased with App

This is my first time using anything like this. I wanted to edit some small videos of antique engines running and some videos of items I have made to be put on YouTube. I first tried the free version, then went right to the Pro. I did find some items confusing, but their help assistance is one of the best I have run into. Every question I have sent in has been answered within a day. I have purchased other apps from the Apple Site and have never received answers. It does have some bugs (maybe my Apple does not have enough processing?) but nothing that has caused me to regret my purchase. I feel I got a lot out of it so far. The two bugs I have noticed are in the area of drag-n-drop (sometimes I have to actually use Open and pick the file to be uploaded) and sound when added to a video. I got a lot of crackling with one sound file (it does play well normally) then picked another one that worked fine. Please note that I am new to this so it might be nothing more than pilot errors.

what a piece of crap

OK… I had hopes… knowing $20 was cheap for a video editor… well… you get what you pay for… actually… LESS than what you pay for in this case! I edited a 3 minute video… then exported it to view on an iPhone (it’s settings… not changing ANYTHING about the export) and it plays the audio in SLOW MOTION… making the voice all garbled! what a complete waste of money!!! DO NOT BUY THIS PROGRAM!!!

unstable, unusable

3/29/18 the developer reached out, asked for software. High Sierra 10.13.3. also asked for “video info.” I have no idea what that means specifically. the format is .mov if that helps. the length of the video is about 3.7 GB and 30 minutes long. — not recommended. for example, when I click pause, pause doesn’t work. how bad is that? not even pause works. instead it skips, both sound and picture, constantly, until I click play again. so, to say it’s utterly useless is too much praise because it’s also really aggravating. by the way, the only other way to stop the skipping is to force it closed. that’s quality! highly recommend you look elsewhere.

Wouldn’t recommend.

Every time I saved my work and opened it back up, it was erased. It showed that I had put video and audio in there, but everything was just white, and the video played completely black with no sound. My next plan of action was to just export it to save it and work on it later. Problem was, no matter what I did, it would ruin my videos every time. It would even add parts back into the video that I had deleted out. Not only did it ruin my videos that had been exported, but the one I had been working in on the app was messed up as well. I sent an email trying to get help about it and no one has answered, so now i have to spend more money on a new program. Very irritated at this point, and would not recommend.

Project loading

I have been watching the project loading bar for hours at a time only for it to just shut down!!! waste of money

Misleading Name

There is nothing “pro” about this app. It’s rinky-dink and does nothing beyond what iMovie does. I wish I could get a refund. There is no audio editing, and little else beyond basic splicing.

Biggest wast of money ever

This program was the biggest waste of money EVER. While it was easy to use, it only worked for 2 songs. After that, even though the program worked, not only could I not upload to anywhere I needed to upload to, it garbled the songs so that the videos were unusable. Highly NOT recommended!

PLEASE HELP—I love it, but it quit working!

I have used MovieMator Pro for years now; it is fantastic. However, within the last two months, it caught a bug where it WILL NOT IMPORT videos. I have tried everything to include uninstalling and reinstalling the app. I keep looking for an update, hoping for a fix. App makers, please help!!!!!!!!

Default Settings Incorrect

I wrote a review of this a couple months ago because it just started exporting my video with strange audio issues with everything being too low pitched. I messed with the audio settings recently and exported a few different videos and finally have it exporting regular videos now. For some reason the default audio for MP4 is 32000 HZ when it should be 44100 HZ. Changing this each time has let my videos export correctly again. I’m not sure why they just randomly started exporting at a lower HZ level, but it’s an easy fix as long as I remember to change it every time. Overall - I really like the interface and it’s simple to use. Just frustrated that I couldn’t get the audio correct for awhile and now I need to change it every time.

Thumbs up for MovieMator. Goodbye MovieMaker.

Thumbs up for this movie editor program. It exports to many formats and can be used to convert from one format to another. It’s always annoyed me, as a Mac enthusiast, that Windows MovieMaker is so useful, so finding something to use on my ancient MacBook (aluminium late 2008, 2.4Ghz, 8Mb RAM, El Capitan) was long overdue. MovieMator turns out to be just the thing. The interface took half an hour to become familiar (including finding hidden facilities such as transitions) and it does the job without fuss. My wife’s PC can now be left in peace.

Good program. Easy to use. Exports in many formats

This is a great piece of software. If you need basic editing (chopping video, change speed, fade in/out, merge-transition), this is the one to get. Its really well laid out and its pretty intuitive. I have been looking for some software to edit some files from a DJI Phantom 3 Drone which shoots at 2.7k ( resolution 2704x1520 ) Have tried the demo of Final Cut Pro which is great but I cant justify £300 for some quick editing. iMovie does not seem to support 2.7k - it downsizes it to 1080p so no use to me. This seems to fit the bill ! It edits the files and can export to many different resolutions ! Can’t argue with that eh !

Amazing!!! My go-to app to make videos!

I totally like it. The app does what it says and have all the features I need to edit my family videos. Used the basic free version for months and I am really happy with it. Compared other tools, cropping, resizing, spliting, making PIP, creating transitions and exporting videos have become easier and quicker to me. Thanks goes to the developers and technical support. Every time I have questions, I can always get prompt response from their technical support. After several updates, the basic has become more and more stable and much easier to use now. I recently bought the Pro verison as it’s on sale, really a good bargain. The Pro version never shuts down and has more filters like color adjust, noise reduction which I use a lot. Now I can make perfect videos and all my family like the videos I made with MW Pro. Highly recommend!

Simple and effective

It’s easy to use and works well. I can splice my films and create the strips I want. Good editing program and easy to learn. It does crash on occasion. When adding texts, the default is time stamps, which have to be removed. Easy to splice in stills and sound bites and background script. Overall an inexpensive and useful movie editing program.

Buggy but works well. .

The only real problem I have so far is with the clips I edited to go faster sometimes get currupted and stop working without any way to undo or fix them. Other than that, it converts pretty quickly. Even longer videos that are 15 min convert in under 15 minutes. The filters are decently robust but lacking. Takes up a lot of memory quickly when you add many layers. Best part is the auto save. Worst part is the lack of keyboard short cuts and ultra fine adjustments. All in all. Great for hobbiests or interrum level editors.

Unbelievably Awful

No way to set in/out points for video. No way to separate audio tracks from video. Trim/cut behaviour is unintuitive. Avoid it. Avoid it like the plague.


Worst App. I have ever purchased. I finally finished a school project on this and it deleted the entire file, I was able to recover it, but every 5-10 minutes the app crashes. So upset I spent $19 on this crap, such a scam, DO NOT get this app.

Not Final Cut. . . But

I’m still trying to navigate this application, hoping it’ll replace the Final Cut Pro I can’t use with newer OS X system. All I needed was something other than iMovie to make simple short vids. So far I’ve learned how to split audio from a clip, use the timeline and hopefully will have mastered it all when I update this review. Following the pdf manual, it says “video’s disabled” when extracting/exporting audio from a clip. Not so — it says “audio disabled.” But it still works. I miss my Final Cut Pro, so am desperately hoping this will do. 3 stars and hopefully more after I’ve fully learned this program.

Not really happy with this

Yes you can edit and add video and audio, my problem is the video I uploaded was from a phone and it will not let me adjust the size to get rid of the black boarders. I worked with tech support and they could do nothing about it. Worked hard on a video and made sure to save twice just incase something went wrong. Turns out the save did not sork and I have to redo what I spent an hour doing. In addition to these I have a couple of files that cannot load and say that I need to email the company for a license. All in all look for another product I doubt they would have all these problems

Glitchy but helpts with easy jobs

It is an improved version although its design does not respond to the intuition on the user. TO create transitions is a nightmare specially if several photos are in line and they need to match some musical pattern. You create a transiton and all sequences have to be changes. A nightmare for me when I edited my first 3 videos.


Everything worked fine for me. That was until I saved my project. When I saved the project, and then tried to open it back up, it said that it was the wrong type of file. I saved it directly from the app itself, but it’s telling me that its not the right file. I had to start completely over. Now I have to make sure my work is complete instead of saving and coming back to it. All of the other controls worked, but I did have a problem with adjusting brightness and contrast though.

Worst $20 Ever Spent

I spent 4 hours working on a project. Not only was it hard to use and glitchy for me to use also, but it shut down while i was working and i had to start over. I couldn’t save it to my computer. only the app itself. When I went back to open the video, it now doesn’t exist. I can’t believe this. I feel completely robbed from. i better get some kind of refund.

Very Glitchy

Doesn’t seem to work very smooth. In cliking on a simple thing like “add text,” it automatically shuts down. Hopefully your work was saved because there is no warning.

Crashes non stop

Out of all the programs I use on my Mac, this one is by far the least reliable. It freezes and crashes non stop. I’ve even checked to make sure it wasn’t just my Macbook which luckily it wasn’t. Turns out this program just has a ton of bugs that there seems to be no answer to fixing. Don’t waste your money.



Exporting Videos Takes Hours Instead of Merely Seconds or Minutes

Some of the features that are finicky at times (such as when I use Fade In or Fade Out) when I use them don’t do much to aggravate me, but the issue that I have in particular for this program is really big. This issue that I have is the amount of time that the program takes to export my videos. It takes about at least 2 hours as opposed to the typical several seconds or minutes for the exporting process to finish even when the exporting settings is set in a way that I could reduce the amount of data space taken up such as when my videos are only about 15 to 30 minutes long. Do you suppose that you can fix this problem, so that I can enjoy this program a little more?

Piece of crap

I’m not sure what has happened, or what is happening with this app. I cannot save files. Every time I save a file and try to open it, the app starts with an new “untitled” file. And I cannot open what was saved. And when I export a file, it doesn’t export. I get a message saying done. But no file is exported. In addition to no being able to export, I’ve lost some of my compression option. I use to have selections such as: iPad, iPod, Android, etc. I don’t have those anymore. This app needs some serious fixing.

Great editing options, but buggy

Has a lot of editing option that can be very useful but its crazy buggy. When I try to simply rotate a clip it just turns into a black screen everytime. most other things were buggy too, wouldnt rccomend. Wish I could get my money back. Hate to say it but imovie is better over all.

Good value

If you’re looking for something to easily put some vids and pics together for Facebook or Instragram, this works well. Nothing fancy, but very capable.

Don’t buy this or use it.

Once you use it your file automatically becomes a mmp which is unconvertable, even with the purchase of the pro version. Waste of $20.00 don’t buy!!!

It was a great app, but now doesn’t work.

For several months I used this program for various projects without any problems. Now they updated it and it’s unusable. None of my old projects can be opened. So all my time spent on old projects is gone. Even new projects won’t save or export and can’t be accessed. They also changed the export process that used to be simple, now it’s more complicated. If you’re considering an editing program just spend the extra money and get better program. It’ll save you frustration in the long run.

Buggy and Difficult to use

I wanted to find a video editor with a litte more capabilities than iMovie. This Video Editor had a couple of good features that interest my video editing ambition. Unfortunately, this video editor is difficult to use in the timeline. Simple tasks like re-arranging clips, controlling fades in, adjusting focused areas in the clip, or even stretching out more the clip become tedious and time consuming because of the buggy timeline, sometimes the program crashes. As of today, I’m not sure exactly how clips in the time line work. I see missing gaps in the timeline, but when I play it, the actual clip is there, weird. Selecting clips in the timeline becomes frastrating because the timeline clips become non-responsive, weird?? This movide editor is really disappointing, I wish I could get my money back. I guess that’s the problem with downloading product. The ideas behind this movie editor are good, but the execution on how this app was created is just lazy crappy programming. Botton line, this editor is garbage. Unless there’s a update that fixes these problems, I would not recommend it. I guess I better go back to iMovie. Boring iMovie may not have a lot of capabilities, but it sure doesn’t have the buggy nonesense that makes you want to pull your nose hairs one by one. I gave it one star, but I really wanted to give it half a star.


Nice program. Photos seemed to jump ahead on the track. Couldn’t get them to line up with start or end, but otherwise fairly easy to use. Suggest you Set photo Duration on first picture, set as default, before bringing rea=maining pictures into program.

Thank you

Thank you for the fix.. so far everything seems fine..

Unable to edit videos

After the update I have been unable to edit videos. Useless app. Don’t waste your time with this one.


After the last update, there is no timeline anymore, therefore, it's impossible to add multiple media files, edit and merge them.

Bugs!!!! Couldn’t export! Also, technical support didn’t help at all!

I used this for a project for my Masters Program in university, Was easy to easy for editing - straightforward and stuff. However, too many bugs, the music would have brakes as well as the transitions. Then, after done, couldn’t export it to any format for the final video!!! Failed for every format type. At last, tried getting help from technical support and they told me to apply for a refund. Terrible. Would 100% recommend Mac’s iMovie instead!!! Worked perfectly with no bugs whatsoever and has more features!

Very pleased

Works as expected with logical controls.

Simple and Easy to use, but the bugs are too much

*I’ve only been using this for a few hours. So far, the interface is easy enough to use if you look at the tips. My only qualm is that when importing pictures, it automatically makes each one 10 mins long. If you were going to use this for stop motion, I wouldn’t recommend it. If there was a choice to select several frames to edit at once, like in Photoshop, I’d give it 5 stars. Otherwise, it is an amazing and intuitive app *After using it for a couple weeks. I’ve edited several videos with thise software now. Every single video has had a complication with exporting. The last video I edited on this was the last straw. It took me 3 hours for the fist draft and while exporting it, I lost half the video. The screen was black for the last half of the video, mind you, before this I played it through on the interface without any problems. After going back to the interface, however, the screen remained black for the last half even though there was video there. the audio still played, but no video. Another problem is when splitting or cutting clips, the software sometimes takes the clip and keeps the thumbnail/ one image on it for the duration of the clip so you have to recut and edit the clip again. On top of that, it repeatedly looses the clips on my computer. When I reopen any project it states taht there are missing files in the project. I’ve tried to relocate the clips and all, but it just takes way too long. If an update comes out that fixes these problems, I’d be glad to use it again, but for now, I guess I’ll have to settle with imovie. It is pretty easy to use, but a bug that results in a black screen after hours of editing is too high a price to pay.

It is easy to use and the features are nice!🎆

I like this app very much. I was able to edit my videos very easily. If you are a beginner you might need to use the help guide to help you understand the features. It is relatively clear and easy to understand. The features are new to me but I got the hang of it very quickly and I think that they will come in handy to you too. There are many different editing tools that help me with making the best videos I can and the quality is excellent. If you are a beginner or anyone who is interested in video making this is a great tool for you.

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